Wednesday, March 21, 2012

khas untuk DIA.

the most reason why he can't be replace by anyone..

* dia buat aku rasa selamat,, i never feel insecure when i'm with him. he always protect me , no matter what happened , he won't leave me , he always beside me , willing to give everything he had to help me . he's special :)

* he's very honest person i'd ever met . i'm someone who easily get jealous whenever he talks to any other girls, i admit this. so, before he text someone, opposite gender with him, he will let me know first, i don't think that any other guy could do this to me . dia terlalu jaga hati aku for which i loikkeeee it so much.

* he make me feel like i'm a character in a very sweet story in the novel, he love to give me roses. like this :
he's just too sweet kannn??? i never ask for this , but he knows i love this kind of thinggg. dia macam pandai baca apa dalam hati, apa dalam kepala aku kot. 

* tidak pernah ber 'aku' 'kau' with me, although on that time, we were having like third world war . he never called me with unproper name. he just too soft when with me. totally a different character when he was with other people.

* i can see that he's sincere with me, he always come to my house although im not around to meet my parents.  he knows how to tackle my parents , he bring me to see her mother. he always give me advice. always support me:)

* he never complaint anything about me. ANYTHING I REPEAT! hwehwehwe.

* last, he's loyal. some times before , i did a mistakes, i choose another guy, i think i want to run from him , but he keep waiting for me. patiently waiting for me. thanks god opened my heart and i can see which one better for me, honest with me, loyal waiting for me. and when i came back to him. he's willing to accept me, to love me even more, to care about me, i love this guy name allif so much. and i promise, i wont do any stupid mistakes again. i wish i can spend the rest of my life with him. 

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