Monday, March 19, 2012

just something.

bonjour, je m'appelle syida, et vous? ca va? 
heee, saja berlagak cakap french.
okay, i'd already used half of my 1 malaysia books voucher. 
by using this :
i able to buy all this gorgeous books :
err, okay, the picture background was my bed sheet. heee. love pink, its soft aite? ehh, wait, ouh, i'm very passionate to buy all this books but im not really sure whether i will read it or not. well, hope it wont be decoration only, just to make my bookshelves look naisss.

ohh wait, finally i got a chance to taste this babies:
macaroons :), its delicious, found it at the law soc books carnival at the law pavillion this evening, with no hesitate, i just grab it. hwehwe, and feel like want to have it again tomorrow :) 
hello pink macaroons ladyyy, u just so cute for me to resist from eating you,, nyam nyam nyam.
i miss the person who gave me this, till then, night charming people. :)

p/s : need to wake up early tomorrow, rebut buku tort, huarrgghhhh. thats the only one left.


  1. Law books? Interesting. Hahha. Study law ke? Btw, nice flower :)

  2. yeap, i'm a lawrian, thanks for read liyana, yeap, its from someone important.