Sunday, March 25, 2012

new chapter

after lot of hardworks, strive harder to achieve all those requirement when i was in foundation of law, just because i want to be here, be part of the bachelor legal studies student, be in the one of the most best law schools in malaysia. finally this is it :
faculty of law, i'm a lawrian. i will make sure this is the most right path that i'd choose, the most wonderful path i will ever remember later in my old dayss.
with her, again, in the same class, again, my roommates again, katilmates? emm no, since we have separated single bed. hwehwe. black and white days :) wednesday. tapi xpakai pun xapa kot, not that crucial.
i hate this part. kawat kaki thingy. but i have to did this, just for the sake of subjects that i must take. i promise, this happened in first sem only. 
motif ? suka gambar ni, nampak kurus. itu je :P
okay bye!

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