Thursday, December 22, 2011

err, its about life.

ohh hye, hari ni aku free, its because today is my off day.
semalam aku ambil test undang undang for my car license and yes, passed the test with 43 over 50.
hahaha, i get it, markah cukup makan je, whatever it is, i passed the test and that's the one which important now.
God knows, i work really hard day and night to pay for this thing.
yeah, i know, i was bit too late if compared to my friends and my lovey, who get their car license after SPM, but i'm still proud because im using my own money for it, and it costing me about err RM 1000 if im not mistaken.
quite a lot of money, ohh shut up, badan aku rasa macam nak patah cari duit.

i work at least about 10 hours per day, and most of day, i work about 16 hours.
a girl who work 16 hours like seriously? are you mad?
yeah, that's just so me. when i get home, only one thing in my mind is sleep. 
this inspired me to study hard, get everything in control, and have a great job in my future.
please, i want to get back in university life a.s.a.p.

p/s : i can feel something not right, what should i do? keep it by myself? God, please make this easy for me. 
i know, there's great meaning behind my name, but please, i dont want to know each thing. especially thing that's too hard for someone like me. duhhh. 

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