Thursday, November 17, 2011


i've lot things to share today, of course its about my life.
i'm getting used with my work, i can make my self comfortable with it, yeah, sometimes i do feel boring and kind of want to quit and find a new job, its normal aite, people always get enough with what they have and will regret it when they already let it go so i decide to stay and love my job. 
haaa, act, just now, i review my own blog and i realize that i dont update any post about my third semester result which will decide  whether i will continue to futher my degree in law studies or not.
yesss!!!!! i did it!
i'd fulfilled both requirement needed to get into BLS.
Band 4 in MUET and three pointer above :)
so, i guess u guys can feel the happiness here.

p/s: today is my 'off' day, and i will use it well to sleep,sleep and sleep, is that okay? :P
bye peeps!

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