Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm a girl

i was born as a girl.
when i mentioned that i was a girl, that means i have a very sensitive feelings.
I need someone to care about me and always treat me gently and patiently.
(like my father and my allif do)
i believe the other girl was just the same.
now, when we talk about fashion and what girl usually wrapped them up around her body.
it's something we can't just not to think about.
we love to get drowned in fashion.
please never ask us why we need a lot of handbags.

have one cupboard under the stairs with shoes.

owned a lot of make up

have a lot of clothes

don't ever ask us why we have to owned all of this things more than one.
because, each of us will think :
'fashion is not just an utility, it's used to express individual identity, it's all about what make us looks differ'
so shut up your mouth when u feel weird about this cute human creatures with 'girl' gender.
and of course i'm saying this towards boys.
if a girl twisting their scarf or 'tudung' like whatever she likes.
please stop complaining because the one who did it was us.
we did it because our own satisfaction.
what type of colour we want to mix and match, what type of shawl we want to used.
it's all up to us.
no matter whether our status in life rich or not.
as long as our gender is a girl.
we're all just the same.

*dunno, why want to write about this

so, have a happy day and don't ever critics those who their gender was 'GIRL'
i hate it.
bye readers.


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