Friday, March 18, 2011

slight of my mind

sometimes when i look at rich people,
i want to be like them, 
could buy anything, everything that you want.
sometimes when new clothes trends come out,
i want to have all those hot-stuff.
sometimes when i look at those who is slim and slender,
i wish i could be one of them.
sometimes when i was lonely,
i want to enjoy my world and forget all the problems.
sometimes when i think about the world,
i wish it will never end.
sometime, somewhere when i look into the sea,
i hope it will never bring disaster.
sometimes when i look to myself,
i wish i could be a better person.
someone with positive character.
because sometime i realize,
there's no benefit to be rich with money if just know how to show off.
there's no need to label ourselves as low-profile person with,
" i'm just common people but i love to use DKNY perfume "
" my father do not have nothing except his PORSCHE "
" i dont want my boyfie to bring me out and eat at expensive place, KENNY ROGERS is enough "
normal to hear such this word come out from people's mouth?
this is world.
this is the norm of this so called HARMONY world.
i think i must be someones new.
look forward.
think about mylife,
why must all this things i think sometimes.
not all the times.
why must i think good things sometimes 
and bad things all the times
i'm really throwing myself to the hell.

wake-up. world.
~original words from me~

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