Sunday, March 20, 2011

hye there!

dear reader :)
when i wrote this post , its night already .
yeah . feeling too boring right now. since i have kind of disease called as insomniac.
i can't sleep earlier at night. 
so, when i can't sleep. i'm doin some simple activities. nope. not the bad one.
i'm blogwalking and found some blog which quite great. yeap!
why? them use it to express what they feel. what on their mind. i loike.
why again? because i can't be like those bloggers.
what i know is always want to share my experience and wonderful moment with my lovey. 
ahha. he's important.
sometimes i think my world is about him. totally. perfectly.
eheee. well then. that is love.
oh! come on. 
see? i'm wrote about my lovey again.
yeah. i should post something better after this.
maybe my own opinion about life. study. little bit about love. friendship.
when i read blogs that mostly about their relationship, i mean, the special one.
and when them was like 'oh!!only me have girlfriend or boyfriend in this whole wolrd' shut up!
it make me feel like 'annoying'.
so, after this. i will less post about my lovey.
but. i still love him. no matter what. he is the owner of my heart.
just that.
i want readers not to be boring with my blog.
i want those who hate me have nothing to be gosipping about.
thats all.

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