Thursday, March 17, 2011

hye kawan! kawan!

okay. as what u'olls can see. i had change my blog layout. more colourfull and cute i think.
very big clap to myself. I finally had completed my studies for second semester as a lawrian. one more semester to go. well. by this means in next semester i'm goin to be a senior. sounndss GOOD! 
ehhemm, I put very big large super duper extra large XxXxLLL hope to get great pointer. i want to be in DL  but, if i cant get it, please don't let my pointer below 3.00 please. 
i'm currently having my holiday. trying to enjoy this holiday. pathetic little bit. my boyfie will not be around me for a month. he's goin to face his final examination in couple more weeks. pray for his goodness. i know u can do it hunn. do the best, take best course in degree. love you. ehee.

p/s : jenguk-jenguklah saya ni masa awak cuti 5 months nanti okay. saya rela tunggu awak dekat terminal. ahhaa.

i think i suppose to work. don't want to let this kinda loongg holiday fly away just like that. 
HAVING PROBLEMS WITH MONEY. *sigh . desperate in need to have new cellphones. trust me, there's no other phone that can challenge how BEAUTIFUL my dearest little hp. 
okay baby. GTG. taa~

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