Monday, March 21, 2011


like anyone else in this earth. I also have friends. without them my world is empty.
for me , i can't live without them. 
i believe everyone feel the same way too.
*ehhemm. now i remember, there's someone will be fine without friends.
who?better if i'm not mention her name.
i don't want to be sue. ahhaa.
we must care about 'freedom of speech'
its bring a LOT of disaster now days.
back to the topics.
here some name of my friends.
i need them so much. i love them.
they thought me what's exactly a friend need to be.
most of the time.
it just weird when someone need to pretend to be someone else.
you know what i mean.
weirdo mannn!!
we are not perfect. 
but PLEASE! take care about your friends feeling when u talk something.
dont just let those words come out from your mouth.
i'd experience some of my friends who like...
oh. not need to mention that.
whatever it is. appreciate your friends. no matter what.
especially for those who don't know to socialize.
my advice.
you need to start somewhere girl.
change your attitude.
i know. you will blame me back for what i'd already said.
but then.
do i care?
but i hope the best for you.
i don't mind if you hate us.
it not even bother,
please go. :)
go farrrrrr faarrrr away as you can.
if possible.
change UNIVERSITY too.
we will maybe LOVE it so much.
whatever it is. friends is sooo important.
appreciate them people.
please do.
okay. bye-bye.
btw i appreciate you on the time when you think we are your friends.
for now. all the best. want to get away from our life?
we let you go. 

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