Wednesday, April 11, 2012

review shopaholic books

as u know, im a very big fan of sophie kinsella masterpiece and i'd tried to collect all books that she produced because i think her novel is just wayy too good. of course, its easy to understand the language she use, all the hilarious and conflict moment that she tried to pull and elaborate in the novel, it give effects to me.

i already read three books and watch one movie title : confession of a shopaholic which based on novel made by sophie kinsella. mini shopaholic is the last version of shopaholic novel series which i suggest , u should read them all. its super duper amazing.

in this mini shopaholic , becky who already have a daughter called minnie. minnie is a very bright child, she knows all the well known brand and she loves cakes at starbucks, she also know what VISA which impressed everyone with her 2 years old age. becky also start to give her own pocket money.
conflict occurs when there's economy problem and collapse of england bank which make becky can't shopping for herself. her husband luke also was in very great stress.
becky tried to make surprise party for his husband and everything goes upside down when she get another problem regarding their house.

need me to story more? u guys should buy this books. its greatttt!

okay, till then. bye!


  1. Yang baru2 keluar bulan Feb tu pun best :)
    I've got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella.

  2. really? i'll look forward to get that one :)