Monday, October 3, 2011

feel touched,

actually, i didn't have much things to share.
my holiday went well :)
just want to share this :
hehe, apa lah yang aku jakun kan sangat dengan bunga ros tu? sampai nak ber web cam bagai. hahaha.
okay, when special person in your life give you something, although that thing was so cheap, don't even have brands, you will be like it, love it so much. agree with me? if no, well, yeah, you must be some kind of girl who is materia_ _ _ tic (fill in the blanks) haha, oh, sorry.

last friday, when i was doing nothing except facing my laptop, watching some funny videos on the net, playing games too at the same time, and my phone, 'tet tet tet' and i look at it, oh, there's msg from my Allif and the text said like 'wait, i got a surprise for you', my impression? happy for sure, i'm keep waiting from 4 p.m not soo accurate and im not really sure, im not really remember the time i've been waiting for that surprise and i thought that kind of surprise may be something like, special video that he will post in facebook, about how he love me or etc. something simple because, yeah, as for u to know, he is in Malacca, i bet, that surprise was something i can receive only within the internet. do u get what i mean? oh, i hope you understand me.

about 5 o'clock or something near to six, my mother yelling at me. 'Allif was hereee' and i was like ' err? lying lying', okay, i'm actually use malay as communication with my family, only for this blog i'm writing it and expressing the story with english. haha, kind of jerk? do i care? no. okayy, proceed with the story.
then, just want to knoww what my mother said was true, i check it by myself andd there he is, sitting on the couch smiling at me, while, me, myself just wearing short pants, not really short, with my messy hair like crazy girl, so, im afraid he will faint when he looks at me like this, i quickly ran upstairs, wear something better, not really better, just changing my cloth to more proper one and then i met him. yet, he is still smiling, wearing big spectacles, i never know if he have some problem with his eyes, but think its look good and suit him well.
argghh, i miss youuuu! yes, that was the first sentence come out from my mouth.

then, i went to the kitchen, prepare some drink and grapes for him (ouh act, he did buy that grapes for my mother, she's grapes maniac) when i want to serve him, andd i see those roses in front of me, and i was like 'ouuchhhh' that was nice :)
could you ever imagine? he's drive far away from Malacca just because want to make this kind of surprise? i feel so touched, like being appreciate so much by him, i feel like, i'm the most wonderful girl in the world, like I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH ALLIF!!!, hmm, thank you my dear. he promise me he will come tomorrow, to bring me out, its a date. :)
can't stop smiling since that. haha, how he could be so romantic? (if who read this get annoying, please click cross button up there) so on the next day, he treat me buskin robbins icecream, watch abduction movies, em, doing things that other couple would do when they were on date, yeah, no need to elaborate more is it? 
huhu. okayy. i'm happy. 

p/s : thank you dear, i love you so much. i miss you dear.
err, sorry of there any grammatical error.
okay, bye!