Saturday, September 10, 2011

should i scared?

bila ada orang ugut kita perlukah kita takut?
as my answer, no. i'm not afraid. although orang nak cerita kisah silam aku kat orang lain.
ceritalah, because i'm change to a better person, maybe for the first thought people would think, 'she's bad' but after they know me maybe this expression will come out 'she's good' who knows? 
so, if ada yang nak cerita, go on babe. its your freedom, beside, kalau cerita pasal aku, tentulah aku yang lebih tahu, so, what for to be scared?, siapa yang percaya bulat bulat cerita tu semua perlu think twice, ask me, i'm free to give original answer. next, kalau ada orang marah kita then cakap, ni tempat aku, kau jangan cari pasal. not to show some pride, ayah aku cikgu silat, batu dia boleh pecahkan, apa lagi orang. bila nama cikgu silat, kawan kawan dia pun sama lah juga, what for to be scared again? ayah was my big protector, anywhere not just at my place johor. we have law.
bila ada orang tak suka aku, especially lelaki, its their freedom to like me or not. 
do i care? no, diorang tak terlibat dalam sesi menjawab soalan kubur aku nanti. 
cuma aku dan malaikat nanti dalam kubur tu yang kena buat sesi soal jawab.
kawan perempuan yang aku perlukan, my lovey lain cerita. 
fariza, dak farah, liyana, shai, ummi, rina, wan, teha, bella, farahana, aisyah, fieya, era.
dia orang tulang belakang aku, tak patah semangat bila ada desas desus budak lelaki hate aku so much. do i care? no again fyi.

till then, i already said i'm sorry to somebody, but i'll never forget what he said to me just because a short comment, to forgive yes, to forget no, because it's too much, yes, its my faulty because cucuk sikit, but wayy too bad when somebody started to let out my secret that that person know about me. 

this is my blog, this is what i've been through, and this blog is my little diary for people to read.
nobody can't say i can't write this kind of things.
yes, bad time, good time, i write all things here, inside this yellowish pink blog. its not my style to fight with people, i'm say sorry because my short comment, but i'll never say sorry when people touch my little secret things in my pocket. 

what would you feel if somebody relate with your personal thing just to win a simple and maybe touching to the heart comment? here i am, standing healthy and having my friends with me.

want to ask what that secret? just ask, will be answering each of them and i will know who distribute the story. assalam and sorry for giving foolish comment that make that person angry so much and relate it with stupendous 'too much' comment. sorry for that short comment, from heart. syida.

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