Thursday, September 15, 2011

finally its final!

dush dush dush, hentak kepala atas meja.
final exam next week. shud i repeat? no.
yeap, finally it's final
this final will put me to my final destination.
where shud i go, BLS or not. 
sad? yeah, lot of memories here.

okay, for this final, i got my own self a gift.
only small gift.
i think this clock ring is cute, u?    

maybe i'd buy this thing for me to remember : appreciate time syida!
haha, no. think its cute and i didn't have any oversize ring sooo, think to have one andd thats it.

till then, i'll never update my blog until final exam was over.
wish me luck in this final and wish me got place for BLS, really hope for it.

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