Thursday, August 18, 2011

quite some times.

it's been quite some times since I didn't post anything.
I'm too busy, wayy too busy with all those task for my carry mark and yes I have to admit that I HATE IT SO MUCH!
okay. i don't really remember when I read this one post by someone who is famous in tumblr world.
I know her from my roommates. this is her link.
its about something got to with lovey dovey things.
and when i think about it. yes. i have to let out what i feel deep there inside my heart.
in simple words, i'm worry and keep worrying.

p/s : this entry is for my lovey, so if it's annoying to anybody. i'm sorry.

dear allif,
i'm really worry about us.
you're the one who always with me besides my parents that always take care of me when i was a damsel in distress. my world feel sooo colorful in your presence.
to be with you always make my hearts beating fast.
until I don't even know that tick tock is moving so fast.
i'm really in love with you. so terrified to love you.
know what the things i'm always worried?
i'm afraid if i was just a phase for you.
before you met someone who is really meant for you.
somebody that her name was wrote up there since you were born.
of course i wish that name was me. ME!
I know sometimes I was wayy too boring and foolish to be your girlfie.
i'd nothing extraordinary that can make you feel soo proud of me.
I always feel that I was nothing. 
I hope u'll love me till the end. till your last breath.
dear, i'm really worried.
i love you and hope i was created to be your wife.
i really hope.

*can't wait to celebrate this raya with you :)
i miss you soo much much much!

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