Saturday, August 6, 2011


after a weeks, i didn't post anything, anything about my life, study and other thing which may related with me.
it's Ramadhan now, yes, i did mentioned about it in my last entry.
and here i am, finishing this holy month at UiTM kuantan with my friends, all those crazy assignment, test and etc.
I hate it when it comes to sahur and i can't get any 'nasi' to be eat and when it comes for break the fast.
the situation at home does not exist at all. damn sad. 


its true i'd experienced fasting without my family in ramadhan when i was at school.
but then, still i can't really help my feeling how much i miss to break my fast with family, sahur together.
doesn't mean i hate fasting here. I believe everybody feel the same way just like me. urgh.

i miss my gulegule. (encik allif)
gulegule, wait for me okay, we'll celebrate our raya together this time  :)
i love you gulegule.
i love you so much gulegule.

my both little sister, awin and nureen, puasa penuhh tauuu? i'll kill you if you don't!
(evil laugh)

my study?
it getting really sucks! with my procrastination non stop habit.
I don't know if i could continue my studies to BLS or not.
Dear GOD, please let this obstacle easy for me.

about upcoming lawrian dinner?
i don't know what i'm going to wear.
yeah you know, with all this muffin layer here at my tummy.
i'm not sure what kind of dress will suit me perfectly.
ouh, wish to be like erra fazira.
her body could stop a truck. grrrr.

see? see? perfect!

till we met again, Raya raya, can't wait for it.

p/s : my yummy mummy already choose my raya baju kurung :) like always, i never say no to her choice.

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