Tuesday, February 22, 2011

when the final exam getting closer, my life getting harder.

BUSY. that words with four alphabet letter with one vocal U in the middle was just suit enough to describe my life last week. assignment, test, trip to UIA (international islamic university of Malaysia), and one more campus day out (C.D.O). i had to submit in two or three of my assignment. sorry can't mentioned which assignment bcause i already forget about it. haha! like nenek kan. on the same week, i must face two test, MTC 037(introduction to law two) i think i could do it well, yeah you know, i can answer all those question. its not that hard actually but i just dont know why i always feel confuse when im answering it. the most creepy creature: satan, successfully doing their work in confusing me on that time. huh. the next test was..urmm..MTC 038, woohooo..i feel like i want to burn that paper, oh by the way, MTC 038 was just a code for subject legal research. i read about the other thing and the other thing come out, i was just. what the hell on earth is this question, and i'm keep praying if there is some magic things could be done by fairy godmother (if she exist) to change those question. urgh. lesson that can be learn here, when u're goin' to face some test, important test, read all the syllabus, not just the targeted question that might come out okayh. huh! ops. forget about one more test which is..MTC 039(its about social psychology), we had to do it by using online system, need to be elaborate more about that? sorry, im quite tired to story about that system, hehe. sorry guys, plus, its not an interesting thing..haha. finally, on thursday,17 february (on that week) im done with all this things. yeehaa!!

on the next day, friday, i was one of the student that had been selected to follow trip to UIA which i already mentioned it just now, we went there to visit their library, gosh. it was really really and extremely big! ten times big then my library here. and what can i say more if i think it was just a perfect library especially for a lawrian like me, all the material we need was there. uwaaa. why we dont have it here??? isk..isk..*sigh. well then, this is the picture of all students (first trip since there will be second trip for the visit) :

okayh, this trip finished at 5 p.m and we safely arrive at UiTM around 10 p.m. after the whole tired day, i need to attend our campus program on the next day : campus day out.
but theres no regret for me to join this program, it was fun. rugi sape xdatang. hehe. 
nak tengok pic?? sila lihat bawah :)

our theme is HULK. haha. ganbate!ganbate!!we won in the cheer and costume competition. its worth it since my classmates put so much effort on this thing. i love my group. :)
gang ketupat :) tapi xcukup sorang. where are you fariza? hehe. only God know where she is at this time. shh.
okay. next thing, important thing that happened, my boyfie asyik merajuk je. why?because i was too busy and sometimes neglect him. sorry lovey, im not doing it on purpose. but i never forget you, you stay in  my mind 24/7, 365 days per year because i really love you. 5 march ni syg balik okay baby, that day was just so special for you ryte,. i love you. happy upcoming birthday lovey. mmuaahh!! haha. :)
thats all.love you.

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