Friday, December 10, 2010

hey ya all (!)

hari ni hari jumaat, merangkap hari cuti kepada budak budak UiTM foundation law dekat kuantan. well, kinda boring at first and think just wanna sleep and sleep through out this day..haha.but then, plan budak-budak bilik aku yg sangatlah nonchalantly menyebabkan kitorang flllyyyy without wings pergi rumah kawan aku nih..her name was..wan akmalia , tapi aku gi tak delah sorang-sorang je..with my roommies..siapa? fariza amira , shahirah irah also dengan fatihah suhaimi eemmm..bila lagi nak pergi rumah wan..time-time dekat u ni je lah..kalau dah habis program asasi nih..entah bila kot boleh jejak rumah dia..
okayh..well then..lot of things happened this few days..ain't not late if m say,its totally sorry..i had to did this..and i must ignore u because i do not want u to be more hurt than this..let past be past..i want u to move on with your life..its a mistakes that shouldn't happened..but well,this is a life game, by hook or crook we must go through it,yes its painful..but it was a memory to sorry...m hopping that u will find someone else better than me..this will be history, please keep looking forward..:)

okay yaw..hari tu..beli novel english written by SOPHIE KINSELLA entitled SHOPAHOLIC :TIES THE KNOT. here are the picture of that books :

i bought this book at POPULAR bookstore at megamall last week. it cost only RM31.90 after get discount about 15% if m not mistaken. why im buying this book?haha.. i need to improve my english laaa..kalau x..tak ada maknanyaa nak beli novel english..but then,..start from now on..i will make sure my self will be fine with this kind of english authorization and what we call karya in english?haa..masterpiece..ehee~~see?m bad in english..

this books is about rebecca bloomwood who will be married to a very charming man Luke Brandon. Well actually kalau korang pernah tgk filem shopaholic, mesti korang tau betapa greedy nya si becky nih bila bershopping..i hope i would never had that kind of shopaholic symptoms..kalau x..hauslah poket ayah aku..haha. :D

talk about my relationship with my steady BF right now? i already hurt him so much too..i promise my love,whatever i did after this,it will just bring happiness to are my life..i would and never can breath easily without you..ahhaa!!aku buatkan tumblr special untuk show how much my heart was already be with him :)link tumblr?

check this:but i think it was not important for you..but its meaningful for US:

sorry again because i had hurt so many people these days.tak sengaja!sumpah!i never planned it!
thanx :)

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