Sunday, March 25, 2012

wonderful trip with the other half.

can't ever forget this memory, with him :)
first, Jonker walks Melaka. lot of cute stuff there. he did buy that hat for me because i keep saying :
'by, panas laaa' , 'by , kurus laaa macam ni' , 'by , kesian perut syg ni ' .. gediks much ? 
most shops owner there didn't allow us to snap picture in their shop, but thennn.
' ada aku kisah ? ' hwehwehwe. suka shades tu , but bila give second thoughts, ouhh, nak pergi mana je pakai shades tu kann. so , tak payah beli kalau tak pakai . waste of moneyyy.
i'm the one who snap this picture.. this one at museum of kapal selam. he insist to see this.
hehe , like a foreigners . excited haaa tengok A' Famosa .
swear to god . this is the most gediks yet still published picture i ever upload to social networks . bluerrrhhhhhh.

after a while , penat jalan jalan , he sent me back to shah alam. hwe hwe , no , he only sent me to the malacca central . balik naik bas je . he got trillions of assignment to do like what he said . so managed to snap this , like a stalker . 
kabur , masa ni aku dalam bas ekspres .

i love this beautiful trip with him , my mr. lovey . thanks by , i love you so much!

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