Monday, March 12, 2012

the start.

to be in BLS make my life quite 'wow' since last week i registered here.
difficulties? it's normal aite, we won't get anything by only going through easiest part in life.
*eat pau chocolate. nyam nyam.
ohh wait, what is BLS? its actually bachelor of legal studies(hons) in other words, its law field.
whats the subject that must be taken during first sem?
there were altogethaaa 8 subjects, including contracts,tort,constitutional,bel(english),ctu(islam and civilization)<--sounds like that, koko(kawat kaki, hyeahhhh),malaysian legal system and third language which i took french :) ohh by the way, salut guys!

how bout lecturers? semua okay, except there is someone who's just too fierce with us. no need to mention her name, u will know her when u get to law school here, in shah alam. :D
third language? this is what special about BLS, student in the first semester can learn the third language compared to the other faculty, err, idk about another profesional course, they might have it too in first sem. but for me,all course are profesional, depends on who u are and which path u decide urself will goin' through.
macam merepek je? err. hehe.

okay, lot of things waited for me here. a duty as a student must be fulfill. tomorrow my moms birthday, she's turn 39 years old this year, too young? that's why we can be very best friends. 
i love you mum!!


  1. Insyaallah nanti bulan 9 kalau dapat sambung LLB, bolehlah jadik senior..hihi.