Saturday, August 20, 2011


hello peeps :)
one of my bestie do tagged me with this giveaway. her name FIEYA.
saje promote my bestie blogs. 

okay, from what i know, basically this is the first giveaway made by her, the one who created this giveaway thingy. btw, this is her link
as for me its okay for me to join and to support this first GA made by cik ilagula and fyi she's friend of fieya.
let me show the banner of this GA.

banner ni comel. i loike. hehehe.

okay, the first reason why i think i want the pashmina is because, i love to wear it.
next, i think it's one of the in style for hijab now days. 
emm, plus plus, like what i'd already mentioned i want to support her blogs and this giveaway also, nak meriahkan giveaway ni jugak. mana tahu one day if i want to do such things same like this people will support me too. 

p/s : i do it because fieya too! haha.

2 blogger that I want to tag :


okay, i think i'm done now.

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