Thursday, June 23, 2011


one task done :)
three more comes :(
haish. haish.
stop complaining lahh syida.
that's normal aite?

*important news : LOT of stealing cases happened today.
who is that PREDATOR???

actually i'm not sure what i want to write for this time entry.
since few days ago, i'd problem with my health.
always cough, caught by bad flu.
but, i still can bear it, still can go with it.
suddenly i'd got problems with my right side ear hearing since two days ago.
when i talks, it feel like buzz sound inside my right ear.
it really disturbing for me.
then i went to clinic.
the doctor said that there is small wound inside my ear.
i hope that wound will not cause any bad effect.
(dari mana luka tu dtg eh?)
emmm. my ear quite swelling right now.
hope everything will turn to normal soon.
i hate to have buzz sound inside me.

okayy, mood mengada, nak show some pictures.
my lecturer said that my shawl is one of the globalization term example.

*habis mood gedik. nak main angry bird. bye!

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