Thursday, June 16, 2011

lawrian life

life as a university student had just REALLY started.
assignments, tutorial, class that i must attend make my life quite busy.
i think i need a little calm situation, so, as a resolution, i'll back to my hometown this week!!!
yeayyy! (i'm in bad health condition, i need to relax)

okay, this is what happened in first stages of my university life.
madam bai birthday!!
my classmates planned to give her little bit whoop-de-do on her birthday.
happy birthday madam! may GOD bless u. she's my lecturer for BEL332 subjects(english)
*nanti saya bayar duit buku ye madam, heee. 
apa tu? syida buat apa tu?
okay, did i mentioned about assignment just now?
my first assignment was i have to write an essay about general issue (term paper) which carries 5 percent for subject BEL342 (also english). 
again. she's my partner for this task.
my katilmate, my mejamate, my assignment partner, my roommate, all my la dia ni.
after class, we hang out together :)
happy kan kitorang?
we are classmates.
*coolblog dah ada kat kuantan!!
ngaaaa~ pizza time.
elaun kann adaaaaaa
okayy, i bought this purse when hang out with them. i bought it by using my salary when i was working during my semester break. nice isn't it?
(sedapkan hati setelah purse ni terkena contengan pen sedikit, sedihhh baaiiii!)
thats all that happened for the first stage of my university life.

*omjayy..macam baru semalam masuk sini, dah sem akhir dah aku. 

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