Sunday, May 15, 2011

story of a shopaholics

okay, now please tell me, who can be just relax and cool when they have extra money in their wallet (without use it for unimportant things)
*i want to learn that skills so i can save my money.
I believe that most of us no matter whether that person was rich or not, when we have some extra money, we will use it like crazy
*shut up for who don't do this.
actually, around 6 p.m(today) i'd received my salary and guess what?
i'd already finished it.
*stupid syida
huaargghh, i think i need a financial planner right now.
people said : eat something before you go into the shopping mall because when your tummy was full, you don't have any appetite for shopping like a hungry lion searching for food.
shut up!! that thing wasn't happened to me.

*now, i'm sitting cross legged facing my laptop, think about my empty wallet, look at all those new items i'd just purchased and my mind keeeeepppp thinking, where my money gone? pffttttttt =.=

btw, i'm thankful that i'm not a man who need to save money for a wedding ceremony one day.
*if not, i will never married with anyone because i'm really a big spender.

*okay stop. 
*penat habiskan duit tadi. mata dah penat sangat sangat.


  1. but those stuff is worth it right?? so juz put ur hand on ur chest and said.." I'm doin' a great job! " :)